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Speech Sound Disorder Assessment

We use a combination of standardized testing procedures as well as informal observations to evaluate productions of single words and connected speech.  We then analyze this information to determine speech sound errors and/or error patterns as well as the severity in which these errors impact the child's ability to be understood.

School Based Assessments

We are available for contract to Nebraska panhandle based school systems by providing speech and language assessments of children ages birth-21.  An assessment includes all necessary reports completed to NDE satisfaction as well as attendance and participation within the MDT meeting.

Expressive and Receptive Language Assessment

A language assessment consists of analyzing a child's ability to communicate their own ideas, wants, and needs as well as understanding what others are communicating to them.  This includes word meaning, grammar, concepts and following directions, summarizing information and organizing thoughts into logical verbal output.

School Based Speech & Language Services

Our Speech-Language Pathologist holds a Nebraska teaching certificate in Speech-Language Pathologist (birth-21) and is available for hourly contract to Nebraska Panhandle schools to provide short-term or long-term speech and language services.  She is proficient in the Nebraska SRS system as well the IEP/MDT procedures.

Speech & Language Therapy

Upon assessment, our certified Speech-Language Pathologist will develop a plan of treatment and provide evidence based practices to help remediate speech-sound disorders and/or grow expressive and receptive language skills.


All services are available through Tele-Health or in-office.

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