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HUGE Bundle: Articulation Cards for ALL sounds & Minimal Pair Cards for 5 PHONOLOGICAL PROCESSES


This HUGE bundle of ARTICULATION cards and PHONOLOGICAL PROCESS Minimal Pair cards are an absolute necessity for any speech therapy room.  These eye-catching, high quality cards are sure to get used every single day to help facilitate progress on ALL SPEECH THERAPY GOALS.  They are your GO-TO resource for reducing the use of 5 PHONOLOGICAL PROCESSES by encouraging recognition of minimal pairs and increasing correct production of ALL SPEECH SOUNDS by providing an opportunity for a high volume of sound repetitions per session.


This resource offers FOUR versions of MINIMAL PAIRS for 5 PHONOLOGICAL PROCESSES  as well as a print and go system designed for easy use and storage.


✨You get easy access to 29 organized files. ✨






  • Early Developing Sounds: p, b, t, d, m, n, w, h, ng, k, g, f, v,

  • Later Developing Sounds: s, l, r, s-blends, l-blends, r-blends, ch, sh, dj, th, &  z


✅FOUR versions of each set of cards:

  • Full size COLORED version

  • Mini colored version

  • Full size BLACK & WHITE version

  • Mini black and white version

✅An easy to organize system for storage and use of each set of cards.

  • Labels for each set with target word lists

  • Covers and labels with suggestions for use.

  • Real photos for suggestion of use.


✅ Each set of cards features fun and easy-to-identify graphics targeting ALL speech sounds and FIVE phonological processes.


Suggestion for use:

  • Print and laminate for durability.  

  • Store in photo boxes for easy organization and transportation

  • Use pair cards for a variety of games and activities throughout your speech sessions

  • Use the black and white version as coloring sheets as part of your group therapy sessions and then send home for homework.

  • Mini cards are a great addition to pair with Cariboo and Sensory Bins!

HUGE Bundle: Articulation Cards for ALL sounds & 5 PHONOLOGICAL PROCESSES

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